About me

My name is Sally, I´m a Hungarian foodie with broad food experiences, which I acquired through my travels all around the world. I would like to show you the lovely Hungarian food scene.

I studied tourism and hotel management in Budapest.
After that I moved to Germany where I graduated from the University of Economics in Tübingen. Two years later I moved to Singapur where I learned to love the Asian culture and cuisine. I was always open-minded to other nations` cuisine. I took part in different cooking classes.

Then I had the chance to live in Paris, in the capital of the “gastronomic universe” for 5 years. There I discovered my passion for food. I realised, how important the fresh, good quality ingredients are, to make a delicious meal. I enjoyed walking in colorful markets, going out to restaurants of different styles,  participating in French cooking classes and of course cooking by myself!

When I returned to Budapest one year ago, I decided to show you, our authentic, Hungarian cuisine, which is famous not just for its Goulash! It’s much more than that! We are especially passionate about our tasty soups, stews, like paprikàs, in Hungary produced goose-liver or the special cholesterol-free Hungarian mangalica and last but not least our dry sausage, kolbàsz.

So if you are interested, please join my food tour! I’ m looking forward to showing you Budapest,-one of the most thrilling city of the world- from another side.